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August 3, 1934     Mouse River Journal
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August 3, 1934

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p - . AGE :YOUR and CItT of Towner ~tered at the postomce at Towner. N. D.. Sept, 6. 1910. as second class matter, under Act of March 3. 18"/9. PIYBL?SHET} WEEKLY ON FRIDAY J. A. GILJE, Editor K. 1% COOLEY. Forem an JOHN EI~IN~BON. Secy.-Treasurer ' i i ~lllilllllllllllllllJllillllllHUlJlmJlllllllllli~ fB !!1 r oe, , m ,J.,,,,,,,,,,,,L;7,,,:;,,:,;.,7,:;:,;,,.,,.,I What better renews your fai~l~ it3 McHenry county than the fact that our farmers are not giving up'? Isn't it a great satisfaction to you to come upon a farm where the owner con- tinues to keep his buildings in good condition, his tree lot clean, his farm yard in order and his garden weft kept. We have many such farmers. more than we at first thought will believe passible. Take for example the farm of Christ Jorgenson, seven miles southeast of Towner. His has always been regard- ed as a model small farms~ead,--good buildings, a fine grove, garden, etc. MOUSE RIVER FAEME~ PRE~ i i I Ir I Souvenirs, Entertainment Are Free at World's Fair FRIDAY, AUGUST 'I NATIONAL By~HON. WM Representative at North Dakota Foremost in the minds of tion's farmers just now is the Lemke Farm Moratorium Amendmei~t. Twenty-seven Conciliation Commissioners been appointed bv the U. S. Court Judges within the days These Conciliation sioners, under the terms of of the Banl~ptcy supposed to represent the asking for conciliations. tors, of course, will have their o~m to represe~ them interests. The Frazier-Lemke plenty of teeth to protect farmer as well as the And here's somethiTig that Ripley missed: Christ painted all of hi~ buildings thls summer Show me an- other within a radius of I00 miles who did bhat! Two coats of paint at that. He and his son did the work. Twenty-two years ago X~r. Jorgen- son planted a grove of trees about his yard. They grew well and today stand as stalwart sentinels. In his ~rove he plaTited a number of fruil trees, including two apl)le trees. Both of the latter are bearing fruit this year. He has kept his trees well prun- Millions of visitors are finding that much of the best in the World's Fair at Chicago is free of charge. Left: Every Saturday is Free Souvenir day at the Fair. Shown here is one of the huge throngs that Jammed the Foods building ir search of gifts from the forty exhibitors ther(~ Right: On this lagoon theater there are 10,000 free seats where visitors may watch circuses, water carnivals and other thrilling shows. Reduced rail and bus rates and well-marked highways make World's Fair travel easy. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE MATTER OF THE ) ESTATI~ OF ) ECONOMIC * * Five Women Give Canning Lessons wish to warn the farmers cept any conciliation that is lline with subsection "S" of of the Bankruptcy Act. "S" gives to the cr( ti: ors the present value of ;h ~ far erty, less exemptions, and they are entitled to. right to attempt to have the sign away his future or the future efforts of There must be no ,ion of ours. In this amendment, farmers solvent, or who owe more ed so they have thrived well. R bert aley O easod , HIGHLIGHTS * present value of their ~ Notice is hereby given by the under- - scale all of their debts down, The Jorgenson garden is a sight for ~iogrned' t~e~ch~(a~teJ'ofR~ho~ta~l~iet{'ea: @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ Five home canning relief demonstra- or unsecured, to the WHEAT CHIEF IN STATE Is and:irritated eye~ Christ and the ]ate of the" P. O. of Bantry in tl~ As was anticipated the a-~earan~e ~rs arerepo~ing to Miss Pearl,Sals- value. If they are ~e0rge E. Farrell, chief of theifmnily take gardening seriously and County of McHenry and State of North ~" '." e ._ '. ~ .?vv?~--A ~ oerry, sm~e director oI womens re- meir obligations air] wheat section, was in North Dakota [ they raise a lot of vitamin food. Mrs. Dakota. deceased, to the creditors of., 01: summer oro.ugn ~enm~ ~ecnnes lief activities, at Bismarck this week enb, they are entitle( . and an persons nawn~g claims against in ~}uslness acr~IvH;y. ~arly in JUly fos assi nment to sum ti n e ' e " " last week for conferences with work- [ Jorgenson should have the credit here. ,aid deceased, to exhibit them with the ................... g. - e sec_ o of h of_ t~m. m which to pay ers of the Agricultural College ex~- [ She is an active, ambitmus worker, necessary vouchers, within six months, ~ce~ mgtr~ prodUCtion ~roppefl. I.rom stere to glee home canmng demonstra- edness. sion. service on ~-roMo~o~ ~.... w..,~,,; ..... ,d / She'd have to be ,to keen, ~ a two-acre after the first publ cation ,el this n,, tice~ u~ ~0 aU, ~nu. au~omomles. Sl.m iron tions to persons on relief.. I have received thou t the wheat sdi,~tmo, t ...... [ ~arden e ~ w w el h~ to said R~chard J~ P~ah~s at his '~esi 8Z to ~9. uunng enSmng weeks auto- Demonstrators wer tramed at a oue s f om ~'armpr~ ~nd w~h . o ........ L_. and rowm= w 1. S ......... e st_ _r_ _ ........... j. ....... ~ ~-~...ala~ ~ Qence in tne v. u. or ~antry ~n ~a,dmoblle production recovered some " " - --" ............ Farrell was particularly anxious to l won~ n?ed to worry about where the McHenry County, or to the Judge ~f]wh .............. " demons,rattan canning school July for cop:es of the Farm get the views of the extension se~wice vegetables are ~n~ng zrom xor the the ~ounty Court of McHenry C ou~t~.[ n u,[, wmm stee~ smyeq dowry: : 26-28 at the Noxth Dakota Agricul- Bankruptcy ~endment, als0 ..... --** ..... - . ; ~.~:+ ..... ,,. at ms o~tce In the court l-louse m cit~. ,aere ]s noming ex~raoruinary in rural Collewe when facult me be~ v" 1 urg z~,on an~ Iarm al~l Ouslness --,~- ~..~. ..... Y m . ad ,ce. I am sorry that I ca of Town,r. McHenry County Nort. thm But the question is beln asked " le~de~; of the slate on the develop- . ---~ Dakota. ' [ .... .... g , , of the home economics department and ply w~th these reques~--fl wnere are we going in DuRlness Ln xten i 1 r merit of an adjustment nro~ram for Christ, you lmow, is a champion po- . You a~:e hereby further not|fled th'lt~ _~* __ . . ~ . e s'on spec'alists . spouse ~d a been too many. At the sug~ flax. ~ taro raiser. Remember he won first ~nrt~m!tlhTrn'dJ~o~rget~f t~eu~un~l o~ner wens, we "nave a,r, oppea ~o a three-day training program_ " The Normanden Publishing __ ~ place with his spuds in the show at ~cHenry: ~d State of N~rth Da~ota~ ~t~v~y~r~%~o~l[2~errt~eVe~o t~leWltlv~;i Renortin~r to Bismarck this week of Fargo, N. D., I have pl FLAX PROGRAM lN AIR Minor last~ winter. Ask anyone in has fixed the 15th d.ay of February A. {_~ ~ . _ ~ # are Miss :Gudrun Goodman, Milton; thirty-two page pamphlet w . . , D. 1935. at the hour of ten o'clock m[ oz .vzay ana June. ~ Veronta We ler Jamestown" Lu- tain " Ten:at~ve lans for an ad t ent town, theyll tell you Christ raises f . . pp , , s an outline of .the la _ _ : ....... p /us m ood tubers for the table the~ .................. oreno~n of said day. ......... at the Cou*tt. i In answenng" that questmn," van" , cflle" Van Meek, Far,re; Amanda l full text of Section" 75 of t program o lnClU(ie nax are being con- s . .~uu,,,.. ,,, t,,e ~vu,-t ~,s~., [.,e ,., ....... " . ........ =ide~ by the Agricultural Adtust --- of Towner. in said County. and State ]OUS ousmess ooeervers are a long way' A~am. Anamoase; arm ~'rances neff-i ruptcy Act, including tahe ----" "~:~" " ..... ?'" ~ ~ " ' *n~ if -o- want "to see some "9% as the tim# ano place for nearing and 1 from agreement. The Annalist, for her, Wahpeton. In cb~-ge of the train-] Lemke Amendment, an(l ath~ m~nD -~,~lmlnlSgl~tlon. 2~Otnln~ oel'ln- ~% u y u , ~ ~ ~ adJostlng all claims against the estate eXa le ..... ~ ' its has been decided unnn x,o~ h,,~ ,~ hard ~he t t t s ~,o weiw ~ ~ colorI ,~ ,~= ~d~ ~,~., ~ ~,,~. r~ ....... ~ I - mp , which m a conservative au- mg program were ,sses Constance ments, together w~th rules ........... u ........... ~ .............. a.. ha o t on _ .............................. ~ ........ . ..... iS the desire of th~ A~A ~e~ e#*t fh,, You'll see it on Christ's farm Not] which have been dul~ and ,re~gular]~-I Sbol)tT, and is ]nlmlcal %0 many ira- Leeby, Ruth Dawson. Ella Johnson,] ure by the United States ta,k unde"~vay by'eari"y'f'al[~ ~lax~isi s'o mu'ch of it this year, but h~ll get l Pr~saet~e~jua[vh~ei~b~r~9~vided" "~ portant _Admin.i~ration measures, Viola Mein~s, and Julia Brekke. I Court. ~is pamphlet wiff~ not one of the sur-lu~ e,~4;,;o~ more than the seed back Oualitv's ~ ~T~.~r~ "j RXH'-F,q | ~nas to me oenez ma~ omy par* of - I es~ea parties ~ne required i~ and it is not likely,t'l~at'any-pl~an~con~-i there.~Mighty good for "this~ drou~thl _ " .......... Xdministrat~r. ]t!~e loss will be recovered, and that~ ........... fit may be obtained by se~( celved will ~tteml~t to restS:let produ~- year. ~N~tLStorGneJO~NSO~ i Ve~uture of business is clouded with ,uasn paymenV so ~or_~ ua_~o~aI cents to the Normanden ti0n ~f thi~ ~rnme~|if.v A.d{netm~t] ~ [ ~^:~.~# ~ ~.~ " i ('OUVt. utner agencies oi inlorma- wneaz g,~wers, for ~wo years unuerI ~ompany, Box 426, Fargo, r~ paym~ts if m-a(-'le'wil'l:aim'~t~k'"in'~ Taking the orvh"ids for the height l ~l~"vhbl"lca~io'~ on the 3rd day of ~tion. are more. encouraging, although tne_~g~eu:mrai ~ujus~men%Aoxa~mt~-] your local farm organiza~,'e land out of rodu ~1 August, A D ~93~ a mgmy cauuous no~e m e~dent m ~rauon na amoun~ea to app o this am le it _ p ction to coatrol the of absurdity is the stage appearance[ ",Ah2ust" 3 10 17' ( .... ".." ." ~2 co, nnn'nnn "J. " p ~ph t and study _ sUrnlus of ot~e~ s~c,,It,,~ ~,,,~ ~ ,e _T,h, n;lll,~, ~ ,;a ~,/mo ,~ hi~! ~ - " ~cos~ pronouncements ana ~orecasts. ,y ,,~,~,,,,w. , am enaeavoring ~o arrange ........ " ..... ~ ..... ~"" ] ~.:'.'~ ~'":~-2~;'":2~'.~':{'-~'~: ~'.~::l [ Expel~s are uncertain, and as a result ~ - - I Normanden to distribute $ SECOND PAYMENT $4,421,200 t dollar-worshipping theatre mana~ger I BERWICK [ they at, avoiding, as much as pos-l make ~he tang an instrument in res-[ these pamphlets free_~o ) Es'ima" '- "' ..... ' .... '--~ -~ "~ '-]-- -~-~-i*-'i-n~l I mole, uenm~e guesses as ~o eomang torin~ ~ros-eriv canner oznerw, se er vaem m ~es oy ~ne wne~l~ sect]onlconceweaoz me mea ox c~p~i ~ , ...... ~ - ., ,, = =. . ... [ ...... .g . ... c%en~s In tne business worl(t s e Administration any, l~nls uppiy is IIWLIZeO plate the second 1933 installment onl on human curiosity in a new way.! ~ " ~i - uite "'' ] The problem, th. " " " [ . ~ " " Wheat at $4,421,200 for North Dakota Because he is the father of the lain| ex~i~&P~t l~eo,]oc~er~%KiJereoq in~" l'his much, however, seems definite: [faces in doing this are of the greatest] Remember that ;,he F~ Thisamountwillbrin-thoto~lwheatl des,~,~rador--not because he is'an en I eel ~ n ~iP ogress of recovery generally has,and most involved kind For example,]torium Bankruptc Amend adjustment payments~for the state to I ter~ner of any kind--t}~e elder Di!-] when the Sitter Brothers garage burn-] been disappointingly slow. The new ] debts and currencies, most debated of[ a substitute for Yhe fn ~14 306 675 As the Wheat ~l-n is~ lin,-er will be shown to the nublic | eel to tne grounfl. | federal bureaus, including the NRA | subjects contributed to the trade/Refinance Bill It is met continuing on the same basis for the I About like a circus side show. I. Mn. and Mrs. C.: A. Aa[edt ant! I have not been able ~o accomphsh as t collapse-~hey are inextricably mvolv- I gap. It will keep one r~ 1934 ere- an amount ~-ual to *hi::1 s I uaughters spent the weeK-eno at I much as was hoped The picture ts I ed in trade revival Perha s more families in their homes u -, ~,~ . '~ S ~ . h " " " " " P ' ' huge payment will be made within the t Anyone who will patronize the show ~ Fordvllle where they attended fl e ]~ner, tabiy confused by government ] important still, is the gro~h of no- I the refinance bill. This nexta;'ear' or so to brin~ the 'tOtal fo-, t nourish-: -:- w,ere'"~-- za~,~*-*~^2 ~rqP;n. ~=- .... w,~ll a-~,- t Aafedt family re-union. ~lrs. aa~edt. / .spending--no. . one. knows, how. much of I tionalistic. . feeling, which has stirre ~ year.. If. you will vote i two ye~ar~ under the w~heat nrogram I ~ar certainly isn't very par.ticula~ (left from there for Humboldt, ~Mmn., I toe r:se m business achieved since J up much fll will between most of the I we will get the refinance to abo,~ "99000 00d, , for the" ~.olaers, , . a,uu,~-^"" what entertainment he tndul,-esian",~ winnipeg,. ,,~anacta.. vruuenc.|two,, , .years. ago, is due to atificial/great- ' powers. At ahy rate, this andlnext. .cession. May I of 102,~8-3~contracts a-~roved~v for ttm. '~ ,-.;- -,~x~tlfin"s o*'ut, morbid curiosity, can | Aafedt remamed a Devils Lake t') ,stnuulatln. of this sort and how much.{ other countries will move very s]owlv.] friends, and especially state The wheat ~ro~:ram continues~ ~.r~-- him there M-, ~uess is that|SPend some time. ~o genume recovery It is an obviou~ in negotiating trade treaties Early that "you must rotect ~'~ " ~ ""~ " Y ~" .... n " " "" " P in 1935 with the ~ke]ihood of addS- I Dillinger Sr will not get a chance to/.. Bermce Ness ,who is traln~ g at ] fact that if the government puts out [ agreements will cover but a few corn- your friends who signed tiona! ad;ustment ~a.,ments for *~is~ -;~ --oO'er cont~aet of that kind line .~or~nwes~ern nospka~ in ~inne-,, oin]c-ns for one kind or another'of | nudities More sweeping agreements, to bring the Frazier Lem~ third "year ] s ]apohs, came to her home here Satur-[ relief~and all the special activities, [relating to all types of products, will BiII o,~t of the Committe " " I ~o -ou know~t there are still |day night to spend her vacation. [from the building of'dams to the CCC |come later. . /the floor o~ the House of r CATTLE~ PITI~CHA~n~.. ~ ~,~- [ --~-,,=n {:i.~::-,,,~,, ~..~.,.~o ~,,~ ,~ ~=...=,..=.h= .,~:,'~/ Carroll Jean Sand of Rugbv,~ who [ camps, fall under, that relief heading~| . Whatever. the result,, it is. a vital .and ~ives for passage. We to July 25 the ~o-ernment has [ ~,- ~'a~.~t~-~ You scareel- notice [sper~t several days at the T. F. Fylken [_~aIes of all types of products are f mterestmg experiment. If the Umted out of a vote by the lea ~ed 6i5,357 head of cattle in l ~h"~'m b'~t e~o~mt 'era once an~i you'll |home, returned to her home Thursday; ~dhnd to rise. It is not equally obvi- [States succeeds in bringing back world majority,~owever, the 145 ..... aft n ...... Dakota. Of this number 268 t: ....... J...[~ "-i~s .... ~'os- wa/tiedi ernoo . Ious what will happen when the gov-[trade, all powers will owe ~t a debt the petltlon are on reco ,~ ,~,~ ,.t , ~7~ ~** ~-.- [ ........... ..__ ---- .L-.. | Lilhan He]seth of Minor left for he. ~ernment Is fore,alto slow down or ate ~ fnends ,.~ .m~*~,V.m* x,~ u~ ~.~ ,,~. zu~ cnere wnen Ta~e shopping w~m uu.~,] . . . . . P .- . ( ] home Wednesday after spending some t~,is kmd of spendm as no one knows ~ It Is e uall ]m or,an ~e days ending July 25, = ,6:16 when a stein was being lif~d, whi't ~ .... g' . . To stimulate recovery and employ- q . Y P. ~ shi--^~ out. A--~ ~er~ - _. ,^ a~.~ ....... ;-'- on or whiiel lme here emoting relatives an~ ~a what extent private enterprise will .~.~+ ,~. aa~;.;~.o,;~, ;. those who did not sl :51,572 farmsup to Y~ _2~, the taxes and subser~l~;tons were being/fr~nds~ibh.son __.~ .._ "-au -" T'a" ~e;'O?~}~^~t-t~'ke up %he load... . I great hopes on its new housiPg bill, They may ~m~ghty fine p :~.aese.tarrns~nere were ], tt%. paid. Course there were a 1ol; more|.~,Y =,..~. ~'~="~)=o u~:,~_~ ~.~a~va=~ve ?usmes, sm agamrace(t! which will =,o into operation shortI_v men, ou mey are no~ o/~sz~ a~uz*uay =v ~la~ %1 a~ l'lllInug JLI1 reneweo uemanus ,or irma, ion = enou n aoout e I re tile. .qut of the.~l,OTZ ~ ~ ~n years past.'.. They disappeared| .... ........ ,; ......?'- " ~ ..... "- ^ . " 'i Under it, a part of mortgage loans -. g ~.n we m .~I,,, the ,'~orall .... la~"~evz~ ~,.,~,.=w~--~", t'~'-nv ~'ut~Ky. ...... InumVLucl'enru~el].e R'lee". ~Oof~Tllnflebo~tMaddock. called at' ~e~tl~(t ZO~Econormsts. ~ne.. msuance, Natlonal" ol na~;commltteemOne. Y" a.~-~ ~,,.o.teed~'~ . . ,,,d-:: i,,t=,~st ........ ,=t=~ ther1nstatet SuLeppO.slar~ ~neure leg~2 "~ farmers sod c~tte to the --~t.. ]Iu,, mand g~ t sof VERENDRYE is a patient .it ,~e "ul,~t~ r::,'~; U. ;: g ~ , ~i nt will attempt to. 000,000 of private" eauital and proved" ~ n the Cost of Production ~l~,.S~nhta No-i::.e ~r: M:~bel [and IrWin Breckenridge spent~nday further devalue the dollar and issue ....,.~ ..... ,~ ~;n;^~. T..a..+~:.{ election, and vote for pri ~, l~r~, ~:I ~_SWenS. .,~l. ~, ~.taugh'er. Agn~ s ] afternoon m Rugby. , more currency, agamst our gold .re" I News Review." not for persons. Do nat ~d a~ v~*d,i~ tht }~n lhle hvme near| Edna Fylken and Crystal A afedt serve. Results would be probismatmal~ away by t~e hand-~haker~ ~du: .; :rc,~e S,W,:, Ispent Thursday afternoon m Rugby --one person's view is about as good ~ tion's life is at stake. ~l HI~.F. l W~ITlesday ~f last Week Mr, ,'uli,.s~and at the Allen home near Pleasant as another's in this regard~but it " . ..... the soldier and the Sabra ~Emma Hau,.,en en'erta.,:~ .... ; !.uth,,~anjL~3~le. would undoubtedly cause much un- ~ I Vllllrl ----,--ffi must save it though an :arl Nor T ~'~bs Aid at he-. l ev. G. H~ Gorder and Mrs. A. S. certaintyi during, the devalui, n~. precess. ~ I ~ use of the ballot. Olander us conducted devotiou. Lunch was,~.~e spent Wednesday afternoon at In brief, business *s suffering from Lift b _ You should judge~.ot~ served to a larg~ crowd. Those from .-.~ [teD. ~ ~t?wenome. . ~ , . the summer drop plus labor troubles, SATURDAY ~ AUGUST 4 Representatives in Con8 o;~:.r:ee atte,,l ,~ were: nee. :urn| Mrs. h. u. ~ess spent ~un~ay az- and mere is ~oubt as to whether it Matinee 2.30 p m. up for re-election, by t l a]~,, r . ..... da~.r~ght, . . but the. labor problem, important as ,,De Perfect Screenn ~Team --m they voted up;:every in~ ,h Julius L~ and ~:,, Vt,..~t 1am- ~rs..'&. l~ermanson is spending it is, ~s out one of many issues indust- ~ ~/A~ l~l~l~M~.~ ~ion. If they voted for ih.~s trove Lo t]p~a.n We,!"-,,h,y ",, some time with her grandda-ugh~r ry must face. We are entering a Clas~fied as one of the best vic terests, re-elect them. -,i: ~-ith the lad:-~ ...... t..~ and wife, Mrs. B. Sollin at Wolford. crucial period and events of the next ~" " for Wall Street, leave tures of the month M r t ~d Mrs. Do,aM Olson. "ti~ey re- Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Fedyo and Yam/ly h~lf-dozen months wi)l show where we Teach then~ and Inga and Clifford Fedje i~nt as an industrial nation, are going. Aloe Comedy and News Reel who is a G. N. ~ 'r, to thie~ `h~tn~ t,~rs4:ly evvn- Sunda~ at the Sjur Fed~ home ~ i i~.~. Ladms Aid of the F~e Lutheran The much opposed, much defended, " MIDNIGHT SUNDAY chure'l~ will be held at the home of Reciprocal Tariff Bill, which gives ~he MeN, TUES., WED, AUG. 64-8 Mrs. Selmer Mrs. Os'car Larson August 7th. President the unchecked power to Mr. and Mrs. Welk and son with foreign nations Evel~er ~ist r ~with te Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Glauner. Lutheran 1 children and young daughter, N. D. ~rrixed here t and :Mr. Kovac, ments. vocal selections ...... ed Weds Miss who Charles C. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Welk we will lower the tariffs on as much as ~ cent, .;Congress. On" J~uly 23 fan- machinery it created went into Sly, A. Bale and Mr. and Mrs. l~.alvor motion for the first time, when nego- Norheim were chokecherry picking ~a~ons for a n~iprocal treaty with t~u~a were started. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Casper Johner of No piece of legislation of ,the last Towner called at, the August Welk ~o years is more far-reachin~ thor, , afternoon. 'that e tariff bill, or more the Lewis po~tant. The use it in a vast effort to and daughter world trade, break the international on Mrs. Gardener Sunday commercial deadlock that is now tie- ing up the ports of the world, an~t N CE P D ov's PAVILION On The Banks of the Mouse River~2 Miles Northeast of Verendrye ...... EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT series l ature Hill Billies--Friday, August 3rd J MAGIC ~ CARDINAl,S -- FRIDAY, AUGUST I0 not Wall ; THE SHOW WITH 1000 SURPRISES The be~t show by Fox this year, 100 p~ayere, 5 great bands, mam- moth settings with 15 big screen stars in "STAND UP AND CHEER" starring Warner Baxter, S~rley Temple, J~ra~s Dram, Madke Evans, Stepin Fetehit, John Boles, Aunt Jemima, Ralph Morgan and others. You'll Marvel at This Super.Show Also camedy and Paramou~ News " THUR., FRL ~ AUG. '9-10 LOOK I Baer-Carnera Official Fight Pictures ~ound by Round with Slow Motion amera in the Important Rounds Also Showing Rarbara Stanwyck in a-splendid s~reen ~ttract|on .... "GAMBLING LADY" Admission Prices .... 10c, 25e, 40| RUGBY , I one i men, women and you are will, that you aro ticians from now will send statesmen to "of the A week. of spelled with at the New : August 5th. Tues. and Wed. show of 1001 mad Cheer." the best Fox this year. It has era, 5 ban(Is, 15 big ed by Warner Baxter, John Boles, Madge Fetchit and others. marvel at this undertaking. On Thur~, Fri. and 10-11, the official p~etures will be of featur, and wyck in and Friday, and Gold."