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August 3, 1934     Mouse River Journal
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August 3, 1934

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CHARM IN THIS DESIGN PATTERN 9941 does unbutton at the as to go on and off without It's a frock for any- from size ten to size Ld any age looks prettier It. For co~tons it be nicer, with its Panel and neat little make It smart and give plenty of room to get The belt is sep- if you like, it may be of 5IOUSE RIVER FARMERS PRESS 0 National Topics Interpreted d=U by William Bruckart Washington.--The end of June slate- ments of all of the banks of the coun- try are now a mat- Bank DeposltSter of record and Increase surprisingly, nearly all of the individual banks have shown Increases in lie- posits and resources over a year ago. A couple of tile largest banks in New York showed such astounding in- creases in deposits as $100,000,0o0, compared with June, 1933. But irre- spective of the IncreaSe in deposits-- that is, the money actually in posses- ston of the banks--almost none of them disclosed any in~'ease in the total loans now outstanding. Indeed, the rule was a decline from June 30, 1933. 1leaking authorities In the govern- ment and outside tell me these figures on deposits and resources clearly indi- cate an Improvement In the general banking sitcation. The Federal Re- serve board in its latest review of con- ditions declared the banking structure was on a :'nnch firmer foundation. Yet, the fact that the banks have not made loans Is being seized upon by a certain segment of politicians and alleged economists as proof that the banks are not doing their part. From very high quv.rters in the administration we hear intermittent yelps that the banks are not co-operating and are not attempt- iv.;.~ to loan money. Thls comlltlon, as they construe It, ts being used as the excuse for the existence of numerous of the government loaning agencies aT:d for other activities under the New Deal that result in getting money out Int* the country. The (.ircumstances In the decline of baM< loans, however, is to my mind not such as the critics of the banks claim. It I:;ust be remembered first of all that ha~kers, when they make loans, are putting out money belonging to you and to other depoMtors. They nmst be reasonably sure of getting it back, even ttmugh we do have now the Fed- eral Deposit Insurance corporation ment is going ahead with its progran to spend our way out of the depres- sion. ltere is one item to show what is i/appening. This road building has resulted in the construction of enough miles-- more than 22,0(0)o)f new highway al- most to encircle the earth. Tiffs money was voted by congress In the last ses- sion as a means of creating work. Pro- ponents of the appropriation, and ad- ministration authorities, bohl timt the $400,000,000 earmarked for road build- ink would provide thousands of new Jobs. Bureau of public roads figures Indicate that this has been the lesult, but I find many observers who are wondering whether the amount of money that has been paid to labor for highway construction has been a proper proportionate part of the total set aside, when the pro-pose was solely the maMng of jobs. Total figures by the public roads office show that 6,360 miles were com- pleted and in use on July 1 of this year and that 14,(Xh') miles were under construction, with the probability that they will be tn use by the end of 1934. Contracts have been awarded, the bu- reau has ~lid, for the construction of about 1,900 miles more, and work on this portion wiil be under way in the late summer. $ $ It used to be assumed that when economic conditions were below par, inany ownel's of all- Still Use tomobiles would dis- T~elr Cars pense with their ma- chines until they were better situ'lted financially. Suci~, llowever, seems not to have been the ca:~e In the last year. Automol,ile reg- istrlltions, while they (le(ali~m~d in 1932, continued to remain at an unusually high figure as compared witi~ recent years. OIlieial statistics siww th:.t 23,- 872,000 motor vehicles were in use last year. This is only 1 per cent below 1932. The decline from 1931 to 1932 Simple Christian Names ! - J'ustir(~d---After nmrrtage a than for Children of TodayI Curious clmnges in the fashions ~f bestowing (:hristian names are brought to llgilt tn a compilation made from tim records of English public schools--schools, that is, cor- responding to our Groton and St. Paul's and Exeter. There is appar- ently a going back to the old, simple names. There is a great predom- inance of the name John. Seventy years ago It occupied only fifth plnce in the lists; now It is almost double that of its nearest competitor, which is Peter. Peter, it seems, was not represented In any of the lists of 30 years ago. During that period Ilobert and Richard have more than deal)led in popularity, and Michael and Anthony have risen from no place at all to the twentieth. One name that is steadily but not spec- tacularly I)opul'tr is William, and we imagine that that might be found to be true in this country as well--at any rate among those who are Brit- ish In their origin. The English are not so inclined as Americans to name their chihlren after heroes and heroines. We hear of no Horatio Nelson Smiths, no Ar- thur Wellesley Browns. The Wil- liams are J~ast plain Williams. Wil- liam Ewart Gladstone Joneses are so scarce as to leave not a trace; so are the Benjamin Disraeli Thompsons. Among girls of tile same classes there are few Victorias. There are, of course, thousands of Georges and Marys, but no George Windsor So- and-So, no Mary Windsor So-and- So. It seems to savor of pre- sumption to name a young Britisher after one of the great or near great. It is only in those rare periods when the lion and the unicorn are fighting for the crown that Englishmen name their children to show their political partisanship. In the early days of tim Georges, when the banished Stuarts lind enough followers to make an effort twice, in 1715 and again in 2745, to wrest the crown away from the Hanoverians, any little James or Charles in the families of the nobil- ity meant Just as surely that his fa- ther was a Jacobin as every little a was larger, but the point Is, according .... ,,....~,. .,,.,~ ..~ .,,...n .............. ~,, George meant that hls father was I'lunkett, now chief In command of his majesty's fleet In North American and West Indian waters, nmy win a famous victory.--Boston Transcript. Question Appeared to Verge on the Personal A harassed-looking man entered a gramophone shop and inquired for some modern light music, preferably dance records. "Very well. sir," said the assistant. "I understand l)erfectly. By the way, didn't you buy some records of operatic music here last week?" "That's right," said the customer, miserably ; "but my wife doesn't care for them. She wants something real- ly snappy." The assistant took down a num- ber from the shelves. "Have you had 'Seven Years With the Wrong Woman'?" he asked, nam- ing a popular piece of music. "No, twelve!" snapped the cus- tomer. "But, anyway, what the blazes has that got to do with you?" --London Answers. Visitors Not Wanted A celebrity and his wife left home one afternoon' leaving only the two children to act as hosts to whoever might come in. When the parents hurried back, to their amazement there on the door tacked up, read the children's scrawl: "The parents are out and the children do not wish to be disturbed." , Protect your skin with a powder that is mildly antiseptio and at the same time fineb soft and smooth as silk. 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