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October 19, 1934     Mouse River Journal
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October 19, 1934

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PAGE SIX MOUSE RIVER FARMERS PRESS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19tb, i ROBBERS' ROOST Zane (irey V' Oopyldght•wW~U ~trvl~. THE STORY CHAPTER L--Jim Wall. young cow- puncher from Wyoming. in the early aye of the cattle industry, seeks a ~ew field in Utah. He meets Hank ]Hays, who admits to being a robber, and tells Wall he is working for an Tengllsbman named tterrick, who has located a big ranch in the mountains. :Herrlck has employed a small army of rustlers and gun-fighters, and Ilays and others are plotting to steal their employer's cattle and money. Hays wants Wall to throw in with the rus~lsrs, CHAPTER lI.--At the little settle- ment of Green River, Hays gets into au argument with a gambler called Stud, over a poker game. Wall saves Hank's life by bluffing the gambler out of shooting. With Hays and two other rustlers, Happy Jack and Lincoln. Jim Wall starts out for Herrick's ranch. :in camp, the first night oUL Jim re- grets the step he has taken, but it is too late to turn back. CIIAPTER lIL~The four men arrive at the ranch. Herrick announces that )his sister. Helen is coming to the ranch. Hays unfolds his plan for get- ting possession of tile 1~000 head of live stock on the Herrtck ranch. He and hls lieutenants ride away to drive off the first bunch of cattle. Jim re- mains behind to shoot it out. if neces- sary. with Heeseman. Hays' rival among the cattle rustlers. Jim sees a du~t cloud, which he ia certain doe notes the arrival of Heeseman and his lang. He stands with rifle ready. CHAPTER IY.~Heeseman tells Wall that Hays was once his ~Heeseman's) ~artner and double-cross~d him. Her- rick delegates Jim to go to Grand Junction to meet Miss Herrick. Jim ~ets Barnes. a young cowboy with Ira. to tell her that he (Jim) is a desperado of the worst type. Barnes does so, but the girl treats the in- formation lightly. CHAPTER V.---On his arrival at the ranch, with Helen, Jim is confronted by Hays, who be(rays unusual tnter~ ast in the coming of Miss Herrlck. Jim tells Hays that Miss Herrick brought & Wells Fargo package, probably of money. ~'lm goes riding with the Her- ricks and greatly impresses Helen with his revolver shooting. CHAPTER Vl.~The cattle drives to Grand Junction are started Jim W'all t]nds himself f~lling In love with Halo an. lie coaches her in riding w~steru style, and finally kisses her She is angry and dismisses him. but relents ~nd asks him not to leave*the ranch. :Hays' men return from the drive with the stolen cattle. The leader has Sold the cattle and brought hack the money• A quick getaway Is imperative. Hays tells his men to go on ahead, that he will join them at a certain canyon. q~he riders arrive at the canyon and to their amazement and Jim's dismay. :Hays and a lieutenant are sighted with Z4e~en Harrtck~a captive. I tires entering a tess coustriu[etl area, where sunlight and open ahead at- tested to tbe vicinity of a wider san- yon. surely the Dh'ty Devil. And so It proved. IIays waited for iris riders and the pack animals to reach him. "Hank, air you attain' for that roost you always give us a hunch about but never produced?" asked Sloc]~m. 'Tve saved it np, Smoky, Tar Jest some such deal as this." Jim, over the back of his horse, watched Miss Herrick. She was tiring and her head drooped, Tbe robber took up her halter and, strnddllng his horse, he spurred Into the muddy stream. He lead Into the middle of the river and then turned downstream. An hour later, he turned Into a crack that could not be seen a hun- dred yards back. and when Jim reached it he was amazed to see the robber leading up another narrow gorge, down which ran another swift. narrow stream. Jim appreciated that a man would have had to know wbere this entrance was, or he could never hqve found it. The opening was hid- den by a point of wall which cnrved out and around. This ~asli wound like a snake Into the bowels of tim cohn'ed, overhang- lng earlh, Presently they reacl~ed a bottom from widch weird, black• bold wails stood up, ragged of rim against the sky. "Ilyar we air," called out Hays. "Throw saddles an' packs. Let the hosses go. No fear of hosses ever leavin' this place." Jim's night-owl eyes discerned Hays lifting Miss Herrick off her horse and half carrying her off toward the rustling cottonwoods. Jim, making pretense of leading his horse, followed until Hays stopped at the border of what appeared a round grove of cot- tonwoods impenetrable to the sight. "Oh• for G~d's sake--let go of me !" gasped the girl, and sank down on the grass. "You may as well get used to that," replied Hays, In a low voice, "Do you want anythln' to eat?" "Water--only water, rm--choklng." ~l'll fetch some, an' a bed fer youY Little did Hays realize, as he strode back to the horses that Jim stood there in the gloom, a clutching hand on his gun and mad lust for blood in his heart- Jim knew he meant to kill tIays. Why not now? But as before he had the sagacity and the will to resist a terrible craving. With nerveless hands he unpacked his outfit. Then he sat down upon his bed roE, exhausted, and gazed around him. The place fascinated. An owl hooted down somewhere in the canyon, and far away a wolf bayed bloodtiifrstliy. Soon a crackle of fire tnrned Jim to see a growing light, and dark forms of men. Jim waited until he saw Hays go to the camp fire. and then he, too, "Jim Walt, are you going to peruut joined the men. this outrage?" [ "Wtmt kind of a rot)u! is it, Hank? "I'm powerless," Miss Herrick," he replied, hurriedly. "If Heeseman Anythin' like the Drag(u) canyonT' ˘atches us you'll be worse off." The leader headed down the slope, dragging Miss Herrick's horse. Jim could hear the girl's protestations. The other riders made haste to line the pack horses. Smoky brought up the rear. No doubt about Hays knowing his way I He rode as one familiar with this red clay and gray gravel canyon. The pack horses kicked up a dust like a red cloud. Jim kept unobtrusively working ahead until there were only three pack horses in front of him, and he could see Hays and the girl at Intervals. Hays yelled back for hts riders to hurry. He pointed to the left wall as if any moment their pursuers might appear t~ere. The next sign from Smoky was a rifle shot. Jim espied something flash along the rim, high up and far back. out of range, If It were a pursuer. "Rustle I" shrilled Smoky. "I seen i ridera They ducked back. They'll !alto to head us off." v~e:[i Hays bawled back an order pointed aloft. Suddenly riders popped Into i back on the point of an intersecting ~˘anyon. Hays and Latimer opened :fire wRh their r~volvers. The riderl t began to return the fire with rlflea] !Jim saw Latimer knocked off hts i horse, but he ~leaped up and mounted again, apparently not badly injured. 'He raced ahead after Hays, who rode , fast, dragging tbe girl's horse, and at I the same time sllooting at the riders until he passed around a corner of the canyon. Latimer soon disappeared after him. Ttien the riders above turned their attention to the rest of Hays' outfit. Jim had a quarter of a mile to ride :to pass the corner ahead to safety, The pack horses were scattered, tear- ing up the canyon. Jim gained on • them, Then he begun to shoot. One of his first allots l~it a horse, Jand h~s seventh connected with a irider, who plunged like a crippled rab- 'N) . (. I seen ihat phLce ones. Its a cave high up--,fm'ty feet mebhe, from the canyon bed. Only one outlet to that hurr.w, an' timt's I)Y the same way yon come. This roost has four• V/e coted never be ketched in a hfin- dred years." "li:)nk, how'd the lady stand the ride?" "She's all in." "Gosh. no wonder. Tliet was a Job fer men." "Reckon I'll put up the llttle tent fer my lady guest." "Hank, how air you goin' to collect tbet ransom now?" Inquired Lincoln• l "I dunno. Heeseman shore spoiled my plan." Jim watched the robber chief min- ister to the wounded Latimer. While I he was bandaging the wound Jim stole away in the darkness toward where the chief had left his prlsoner. It Was dark as pitch toward the :grove of cottonwoods, but Jim located gray objects against the black grass He stole closer. "Where are you, MIss Herrlek~' he called in a tense whisper: "It's Jim Wall." He heard a sound made by boots scraping on canvas. Peering sharply he finally located her sitting up on a half-unrolled bed, and he dropped on one knee. Her eyes appeared unnat. ural/y large and black in her white • face. "Oh, you must be careful. He said he'd shoot any man who came near me." she whispered. "He would--If he could• Bat he'll never kill me, Miss Herrick," Jim qchispered back. "I want to tell yon I'll get you out of this some way or otl}er. Keep up your coinage. Fight hlm~if~" "I felt you'd--save me," she inter- rupted, her soft voice breaking• "Oh, if I had only Ilstened to you! But I wasn't afraid. [ left both my door and wimlows open. That's bow they got in. I ordered them out. But he made that Sparrow man polnt a gun at me. lie Jerked me out of bed-- throwing me on the floor. I was half stunned. Then he ordered me to dress to ride." "Keep your nerve," interposed ,Tim, bit back out of sight. "the others of ~Iteeseman's ouffit took alarm, dodged ~here and there to hide, or ran hack} ~Jlm emptied the magazine of his rifleI Just before be passed round into the l zone of safety. [ with a backward glance toward the Jim hauled Bay to a halt, and soon camp fire. "But I'll not deceive you. Itank [lays Is capable of anything. the pack horses galloped by, every1 His nien are loyal. Except me. I'm pacl~ riding well. IAncoln dashed into i with timm, though I don't belong to sight first, closely followed by Mac, i tt~ppy Jack and Jeff. all with gunsI the outfit. I could kill him any time, smoking. Anti lastly came Slocum, I but I'd have to fight the rest. The : hfftless, blood on his face, odds are too great. I'd never save you "Jest barked,"panted Slocum. "Load I that way. You must help me play for yer guns--an' ride on !" I time---till opportunity offers." Around the next turn they came ! "I trnst you~I'll do as you say,... upon Hays and his two riders, With, Oh, thank you." fi'nother big intersecting canyon on the "You said' he robbed you?" weal on It looked as if their pursuers 3ira. with another look back at, camp. held up. Hays was standing erect, in [ hawk man found It--also my jewelry. 1 • . . Another thing which worries 1 me now--he made me pack a bundle of clothes, my toilet articles--" "Ahuh. But where was Herrlck all this whilsT' "They said they had tied him up tn the living roomy "Iiow nmch money did Herrlck have on lmnd?" "l don't know, but considerable." "It is a good bet he robbed your brother, too. That's make this ran- som deal look fisby, even if there were nothing else." DI{AKE I BIRTHDAY SURPRISE PARTY FRIDAY About 30 friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Lommen Friday afternoon to help Mrs. Lom- men celebrate her birthday. After tecoverin~ somewhat from her sur- I prise the honor guest as well as the , self-invited guests proceeded to spend a very pleasant afternoon together. A basket luncheon was served and Mr.~. Lommen received 38 handker- I chiefs besides several other gifts. Th~ "There! He is coming. Go---gel [ guests departed for their homes at You are my only hope." I late afternoon hour after wishing the Without a look Jim rose to gllde Ihonored guest many more happy re- away along tim grove. He realized that when Ilank Hays stole this girl Item her home he had broken the law of his hand. he had betrayed them, he had doomed himself. No matter what loyalty they felt for flays, the woman wouhi change it. Her presence alone meant disruption and death. Morning disclosed as remarkable a place as Jim ha/1 ever seen, Below binl the little gray tent tlays had raised for iris cat)tire had been pitched against the grove of cottonwoods, which I occupied a terrace. One half of the ] trees stood considerably higher than the other, which fact Indicated rather a steep I)ank running through the mid- dte of the grove. The luxurant Jungle of vines, ferns, flowers, moss and grass on that bank was eloquent of water. The grove containcd perhaps twenty- five acres of level stvard, as grassy as any pqsture. A:dde from tlle features tha! made tl~is retre;~t ideal for rob- he, re. ;* ,,,,,˘ .... -...b,r in it~ ;:,.'~iFtv in its protected isohition, and In the bril- liance of its many coh)rs. Jim strode over to the camp fire to wash. "How's Sparrowhawk?" asked Jim. "Stopped bleedin'." It was Hays who answered, this time. "But ! gotta dig out that bullet an' I'm plumb feared I can't." "Let it be a while. IIow's our prisoner? ' "Say, all you fellers askin' me thet, Fact Is. I don't know. She was dead to the world last night." "Let her sleep, That was an awful ride." "After grub we'll climb up an' look our roost over," announced Hays pres- ently. "It certainly is a great robbers' roost," agreed Jim, wiping his face• "If we get surprised we'll simply go Jout on the other side." "Wal, we Jest can't be surprised," said [lays, complacently• "One look- out with a glass can watch all the approaches." "If I was Heeseman and had seen you, as he sure saw us, I'd find you in three days," returned Jim, deliberately. "Wall, I'll bet you two to one tbet you can't even git out of here," de- clared Hays. "Why, man, you Just told us all how to get out." "Down the gully, yes. But you've never seen it an' you'd shore be stuck. Wal, we'll keep watch during' a;'llh, t." "'Fellers," Hays sald at the end of the meal, "I forgot to tell you that we took a little money from Herrlck. I'll make a divvy on that today." This news was received with mani- fest satisfaction. "How much, about, Hank?" asked Bridges, eagerly. "Not much. I didn't count. Reckon a couple thousand each." "Whewl That added to what I've got will make me flush. An' I'm gon- na keep It." "Hank, as there's no deal in sight all summer, an' mebbe not then, we can gamble, hub?" "Gamble yourselves black in the face, provided there's no flghtin'. It's good we haven't any likker'." "Boss, I forgot to tell you that I bought a couple of Jugs at the Junc- tion," spoke up Smoky, contritely. "Wa], no matter, only It 'pears we're all forgettin' things," said the leader, somewhat testily. "Hank, when're you aimln' to collect ransom far the girl?" "Not while that hard-shootin' outfit Is campln' on our trail." Later Jim caught Smoky aside, dig. glng into his pack, and approached him to whisper: "Smoky, I wish we had time to talk. But I'll say this right from the shoul- ] turns of the day. BROADVIEW GRANGE MEET1NG ()CTOBER 25th B~oadview Grange will meet at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Iq. A. McCarty Thursday, October 25, at 11:30 a. m. As this is the first meeting following the harvest recess an unusually larvae Mtendance is expected. Several sur- p;~se features are bein~ phmned for the program. All members and friends are cordially invited to be present. The usual hasket ,linnet will be served. Members kind!y remem- l,er the meetin~ date has been changed from the first Thursdav to the fourth Thursday of each month. "it's Up to You and Me to See No Harm Comes to This Girl." der: It's up to you and me to see no harm com~ ~o this girl." ".Why you an' me, O. E. ~. SCHOOL OF INSTRUCTIt)N HERE FRIDAY The O. E. S. scbool of instruction f,~r district No. 2 was hchl here Fri- day afternoon and evening. This dist- rict is composed of Butte, Velva, BM- four, and Drake and visitors were present from Harvey and McClusky. The meeting began at 3:30 p. m. Fol- lowing the afternoon session a ban- nuet was served at the Morris Hoteh About 100 persons attended each session. LYDIA LANGER SPOKE HERE OCTOBER 9th Mrs. Lydia Langer, candidate for governor, addressed a very large crowd of people at an open air meet- ing in this city last Tuesday evening. Other speakiers were J. Gronna, J. M. Anderson and Ole Ettestad. Fred and Carl uNotbohm received word Saturday noon of the death of their grandfather Fred Notbohm, Sr., at his home in Sumner, Ia. The young men's parents and brother Mr. and Mrs. C H. Notbohm and Evan and her mother Mrs. Minnie Marsh and Mrs. Caroline Belzer had left here about t0 days previously for Sumner. called by the serious illness of the aged man. Mrs. Belzer is a sister of Mr. Notbohm, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Darst and fam- ily, Miss Tena Keszler and Herbert Pfaff spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Kemper. Mr and Mrs. Emil Johnson and sonI Wesley spent Sunday with his mother Mrs. Emma" Johnson. { Mr. and Mrs, Richard Rrower oil Timber Lake. S. Dak., and her par- ents Mr. and Mrs. M. Melvold from near Anamoose and Mr. and Mrs. And- rew Krin~en spent last Tuesday after- noon at the O. P. Lommen home. Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Walz of Minne- apo].is, Minn., are rejoicing over the safe arrival of a son at their home. Mrs. Walz was formerly M~ss Olive Iverson of this city. Clayton Kemper, county chairman i of the corn-hog program committee, attended the committee meeting at Towner Wednesday and Thursday. i Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Davison and her mottter Mrs. Emma Johnson and Miss Alia Edmunds motored to Har- vey on day recently, t Mrs. Jake Rohl and son of Ana- moose called on Miss Louise Braun , Tuesday evening. Quite a large delegation from this ]city attended the district Rebekah meeting at Balfour Thursday after- noon and evening'. I Mrs. Albert Woitte of Balfour cat- led on Mrs, H. A. McCarty Saturday forenoon. Mrs. Albert Strand and her daugk- ter Mrs. W. Mills of Simcoe spent Friday with Mrs. Emma Johnson. The daughter Loraine have moved into the Ed Hohman house formerly occu- pied by the Neubert family. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Smith and family have moved onto the Davison farm at th~ south edge of town. Mrs. Pare Knuth arrived home re- cently from the Bismarck hospital where she had been receiving ~rea> ments. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Darst and Mrs. D. F. Kemper moto~ed to Minot Wed- nesday afternoon. Oscar Johnson of Cooperstown spent Tuesday and Wednesday w~th his mother Mrs. Emma Johnsor and other relatives. Mr. Johnson is man- ager of the "Phillips 66" filling station at Cooperstown. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Kemper ar.d family were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Bmi near Balfour. Rev. and Mrs. H. F. Hanson and Stanley Stenseth motored to ~ismarck Friday Mr. and Mrs. Christ Mater vts:ted their daughter Mrs. Win. Stach on Wednesday afternoon. ] Mr. and Mrs. Emil Johnso'a and son] Wesley spent a few days recently with I her parents at Chaselv and also visit- ed her sister at Lincoln Valley. The regular business meeting of the W,.nan's Missionary Sects - w~s held at the G. J Neh~enberg home Thurs- day afternoon. Ouite a large number of pe~pTe from this vicinity attended ~he P.T.A meeting at Balfour Saturday evening and enjoyed the illustrated lecture by "Speed" Wallace. i Mrs. Henry Marzolf has been qtfite ill. Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Lommen and her Ii father J. Ossowskie and M~s. Verdie [ Shink were Sunday dinner guest~ at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cites. W. Kemper. Mrs. Emma Johnson and son Mar- cus motored to Towner Thursday af- ternoon. Mr. and Mrs. John P. Kemper and family spent Tuesday evenip.g with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Kemper. Mrs. E. C. Darst and children and Miss Adele Paterson motored to Bot-- tineau Saturday afternoon. Miss Leona Marzolf ar:!ve,1 home Thursday from Bowman where she was employed during the summer months. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bettcher and Kenneth spent Sunday with Mr. :rod Mrs. H. F. Harris. The Woman's Missionary Society district rally will be held at Ana. moose Sunday, Oct. 21. There will be three sessions beginning at 10 a. m., 2 p. m., and 7:30 p. m. Each Woman's' Missionary Society and Young People's Mission Circle in this district will have a part in the pro- gram for the day. This district in- cludes Balfour, Dral~e, Anamoose and Martin. Everyone welcome. The ladies of the congregation of St. Pfiul's Evangelical Lutheran church will serve a chicken and vea~ dinner at the church basement Satur- day, October 20. The ladies will begb serving dinner at 5 p. m. and con- tinue until all are served, Pri~e 30 cents per plate. The public is cordial- ly invited. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lettengarvm and daughter Harriet and Mrs. E. J. Sherlock and daughters Laurel, Irma and Joyce spent Sunday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Nissen. Miss Gertrude Iverson left Saturday for a visit with her sister Mrs. Ra.~ Hanson at Vallejo, Calif• Members of the Juvenile Degree ot Honor held their regular meeting on Saturday afternoon at the lodge rooms. A business meeting was held and the usual treat was given• Wm. Merbach Jr. had the good for- tune to bag three wild geese and Her- man Stoeber shot two geese on a re- cent hunting trip. Mr. and Mrs. August Schiller and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rauser and baby all of Mercer were Sunday evening supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs." Wm. Gimble. The latter is a sister of Mrs. Schiller and Mr. Rauser. The Degree of Honor met Wednes- day evening at the Leonard Paulus home. A business meeting was held ladies were girlhood friends and and a very pleasant evening was neighbors in Minnesota many years spent. There was a large attendance ago and spent a very delightful day and only two members were absent. together. Mr. Mills Jr. Coach, had/R~fra~hmants were served. accompanied his football team here -'-Mrs~ Walter Raul visited Mrs. Mar- for the game Friday. ~ N~n ~nd n~ Mr and Mrs John Beutler, Gust = ........ .~, ._.;____.. daughter Beverly • . • . ..... Anne on r rmay. Strege ami son Anan ana hesper Beutler motored to Minot Saturday• It pays to dispose of all surplus old O.A. Rafting, E. C. Darst, Wm. E. Kemper and Clarence Soderberg at~ itended the creamery meeting at Bot- tineau Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. John Mettler and son Win. and his son Allan visited Mr. and Mrs. J. Melhouse at Kief recently. Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Davison and hens and male birds not needed for breeding purposes. This . practice gives more room for a flock of good layers. Selling or canning the sur- plus birds will reduce the feed bill and increase the chances for a satis- factory flocl~ income. GENUINE CHEVROLET -PER I = FR E-E ZE- PRESTONE - ALCOHOL Your Car Radiator Needs an Anti-Freeze Liquid for the cold months ahead. Prepare NOW for Winter Driving Winter Oils and Greases WRECKING Open Across Street from our • . . HOUSE Garage. Will Buy Your old CARS, JUNK and HIDES. Come and see us at I Towner Motor B. J. FAKEN Service NORMAL Mr. and Mrs. Carl James and Laurence Willow City Saturday ing a turkey meeting. ed to serve on the board. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. daughter were in Willow day evening. M rs. serve with the Willing Wm. Voigt was a in Bottineau Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Alfred at the An(on England home Barton Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin children and O. T. marck and Mandan week and visited at Haakenson home, also friends. The former also church convention at the near Cando. Clarence and Phillip able to leave Saturday and horses for Ripen, been delayed on getting as Dr. Long has been testing and inspecting cattle that have been Win. Voig~ was a caller Friday. Harry Anderson and sons Haakenson visited Sunday win Amlerson home. Mr. and Mrs. Anton Mr. and Mrs. Chas. and daughters autoed farm near Cando and convention being held Thursday to Sunday. Henry Guttrud was Anion Hanson home while away. Mr. and Mrs. S. H. son were in Willow City Mr. and Mrs. Marcus and son and Albert at the Bud Fairbrother Bantry last Tuesday. Tom Ha~m41ton of ler at the Fred last week and butchered had purchased. Mr. and Mrs. Jason children of Willow City Anderson of Towner callers at the Alfred Mr. and Mrs. Alfred tended the turkey meeting City Saturday evening set Farmers Union. Wesley Walker key meeting also held at HANS CARPENT~IL and CABINET Saws and Tools Lawn Mowers SCREEN DOORS MADE ANY SIZE OPE DRAKI Insurance ALL KINDS OF FEDERAL FARM Under. The. NeW • LIVESTOCK W.G. Tel. 34 Dr. O.L. Dentist Phone or Write Appointments TOWNER, We Are Prepared PROMPT and --Optical A.E. Optometrist DR. O.S. Physician and . : • • • Towner, N. NEITHER A BO OR A LENDER ,BN-" " Have Your Tele Central Public N.